Men’s Honour Board

As of 2019/20 season, Bendigo East Bowling Club underwent a restructure and amalgamated the Men’s and Ladies’ Boards which can now be found at





2018/19 M. Boyd J. McDermott S. Fuller
2017/18 T. Lester R. Clough G. Hall
2016/17 T. Lester R. Clough G. Hall
2015/16 C. McKean R. Clough G. Hall
2014/15 D. Coles R. Clough G. Hall
2013/14 R. Clough A. Ellerton G. Hall
2012/13 A. Rogers W. Schmidt G. Hall
2011/12 J. McDermott W. Schmidt G. Hall
2010/11 S. Brooks W. Schmidt G. Hall
2009/10 A. Kelynack W. Schmidt G. Hall
2008/9 S. Fuller J. McDermott G. Hall
2007/8 W. Scmidt S. Brooks J. Court
2006/7 R. Hammill D. Washington J. Court
2005/6 D. Washington J. McDermott J. Court
2004/5 K. Findlay J. McDermott J. Court
2003/4 K. Gloster J. Barker J. Court
2002/3 L. Jones J. Barker J. Court
2001/2 B. Deller J. McDermott J. Court
2000/1 E. Trevorah J. McDermott J. Court
1999/2000 S. Brooks J. McDermott J. Court
1998/99 M. Boyd J. McDermott J. Court
1997/98 M. Boyd J. McDermott J. Court
1996/97 J. Crawford R. Blandthorn J. Court
1995/96 I. Wallace R. Blandthorn J. Court
1994/95 J. Stephens R. Blandthorn J. Court
1993/94 W. Mills R. Blandthorn E. Waterworth
1992/93 A. Court R. Blandthorn E. Waterworth
1991/92 C. Slater R. Blandthorn E. Waterworth
1990/91 A. Holmes R. Blandthorn E. Waterworth
1989/90 R. Blandthorn A. Eaton O. Champion
1988/89 W. Jeffery A. Eaton O. Champion
1987/88 A. Clough A. Eaton O. Champion
1986/87 A. Clough A. Eaton O. Champion
1985/86 C. Turner A. Eaton O. Champion
1984/85 K. Barker A. Eaton O. Champion
1983/84 R. Prince S. Hocking O. Champion
1982/83 W. Bath S. Hocking O. Champion
1981/82 R. Fitzgerald S. Hocking O. Champion
1980/81 W. Mills S. Hocking O. Champion
1979/80 I. McDowall S. Hocking O. Champion
1978/79 O. Watson S. Hocking O. Champion
1977/78 V. Canobie S. Hocking O. Champion
1976/77 A. Eaton A. Thomas O. Champion
1975/76 V. Simpkins A. Thomas O. Champion
1974/75 L. Millard A. McArthur O. Champion
1973/74 L. White A. McArthur O. Champion
1972/73 C. Reed A. McArthur O. Champion
1971/72 W. Lunt E. Sault O. Champion
1970/71 R. Prince E. Sault L. Millard
1969/70 A. Roger C. Findlay L. Millard
1968/69 A. Miles C. Findlay L. Millard
1967/68 L. Twigg C. Findlay L. Millard
1966/67 W. McDonald C. Findlay W. May
1965/66 W. Bath C. Findlay W. May
1964/65 E. Sault C. Findlay W. May
1963/64 R. Grills C. Findlay W. May
1962/63 R. Bird C. Findlay W. May
1961/62 R. Bird C. Findlay A. Middleton
1960/61 J. Wilson C. Findlay W. Miles
1959/60 T. Frankland C. Findlay W. Miles
1958/59 A. Hamilton C. Findlay W. Miles
1957/58 A. Hamilton G. Wheeler W. Miles
1956/57 R. Holland G. Wheeler W. Miles
1955/56 J. Harris G. Wheeler W. Miles
1954/55 P. Szasz T. Frankland W. Miles
1953/54 V. Bower T. Frankland W. Miles
1952/53 C. Glover J. Davies W. Miles
1951/52 C. Glover J. Davies W. Miles
1950/51 J. Tully E. Duus W. Miles
1949/50 J. Tully E. Duus W. Miles
1948/49 J. Tully L. Unmack L. Unmack
1947/48 J. Tully N. Young N. Young
1946/47 J. Tully T. Wilson T. Wilson